Project Update: Sir Isaac

Well after much farting about  and general requisitioning of tools we’ve made some progress.


The wheels were first. Here they are glued and clamped. They’ve already been cut and are awaiting the engineer to make the tyres before we cut an axle hole in and band them.


The base has been cut and will be assembled once the axles have been axleised, made round if you will.


Some scarfing was done so I guess that makes us scarfies or something. Over the weekend we’ll be inserting 3.6 meters of doweling into these joins and wedging them… asuming we don’t get bored with work and take Chucky out for play in all this gorebull warming we’re getting.


Casting of the new ammunition was a success and we’ll be making more 1.1kg cement balls in the unlikely event that we have time to do it before we hit event season… in three weeks time.


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