They just can’t break the habbit.

After a decade of taking things that don’t belong to them the labour party just can’t help themselves any more.

A Labour Party staffer was still working in Parliament yesterday despite being charged with stealing wine from the Press Gallery’s Christmas party.

Aidan Smith was arrested after allegedly being caught taking the wine to a car outside Wednesday night’s party, which was attended by Prime Minister John Key and a collection of other ministers and senior MPs.

A group of up to four people, also believed to be Labour staffers, were seen acting suspiciously as they came in and out of the party, which was held in Parliament’s Doidge room and spilled into the area outside.

This collection of socialists actually helped themselves to about $400 worth of other peoples wine, actually much of it was donated by the US Embasy so they were stealing evil Amerikan wine! It wasn’t a simple casse of on the way out grabbing a bottle left over, it was a multiman mission to uplift a substantial amount of someone elese property and they worked hard to conceal their activities. One nob was caught and like all good socialists the rest ran and left him to it under the socialist/rat/sinking ship clause. Shame about the security cameras.

I’m awaiting the “just a silly drunken prank” spin at 0900 this morning along with the hey look we’ll pay for it sorry about that, nothing to see here, move on bullshit that is the hallmark of the left.

Lock.them.up!!! Time we started applying some actuall acontability to the politicians and their pets. If Rangi Jones from Ruatoria lifted $400 worth of DB from his local it wouldn’t be kid gloves time.


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