Nearing completion

We did our first roll test this afternoon and it was a sucess with more actual forward/back motion than we expected. This boods well for its operation with ammunition.

In this edition we’ve included some details since the long shots don’t look that much different. The counterweight system was completed this morning. The bottom block is permenant being glued and bolted to take the full weight on the swing. The top block slides up the throwing arm and is pinned through the arm with four locking bolts to tighten down on the weights themselves. The weights are custom cast cement blocks weighing just over 10kgs each, so there 60kgs on the machine at the moment. I’ve made it with enough room for up to 200kgs, but Idon’t expect to ever have that much on it unless I’ve taken a serious dislike to my throwing arm.




The release hook mounting was attached as well. Its a tube secured to the arm with the actual hook being slid into the tube and held with a retaining pin. This enables the changing of the pin for different angles without all that annoying farting about with blow torches and hammers.



Here’s some detail pictures of the machine and some ammo. 1.1kg cement balls.






8 Responses to Nearing completion

  1. Just found this site! Are there plans available for this beauty?

  2. Pete Tschantz says:

    This is AWESOME! thanks for sharing the build, can’t wait for live fire test results.

  3. Murray says:

    Yes Steamboat, the plans I drew for it. No dimensions, no details, just the design and some photos. I do all my designs myself because I likes to work.

  4. Using concrete for the ammunition is brilliant.

  5. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Are you going to fling the dog house?

  6. What SDB said! Did you use a rubber ball of some kind as a mold?

  7. Murray says:

    I use chrsitmas tree decoration balls. They plastic balls and I just cut them in half tape the join and fill with cement.

  8. Old Fat Sailor says:


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