And the winner is….

Sir Isaac.


Cost of new trebuchet: $1500

Logistical cost of attending event: $500

Winning bet with event organiser that you can’t hit a suit of armour with a rock mellon: PRICELESS!

(actually $30 because he pussied out when he said lets raise the bet from $20 and I said fine, make it fifty then.)

And we’ll be back in three weeks time at Taupo where we’ll be indulging in some long range fire.

*Image brutally stolen from some sailor who kept trying to take a picture of the arse blown out of Conrads pants when he should have been inside the ropes with us dressed like the Hobbiton Artillery Battery and being subjected to the second guessing of 10,000 people.


18 Responses to And the winner is….

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    An what,pray tell, what does the armor look like?

  2. Murray says:

    Dented around the chestal region after being used as a target on the have a go range all day with dripples of shattered rock melon on the lower parts.

    Fortunately for the owner it was slpash area kill rather a direct hit.

  3. Looks like it was a good crowd. And congratulations on your victory!

  4. Murray, are you the guy with his back to the camera in that picture?

  5. Murray says:

    That would be our resident hobbit Conrad. I don’t seem to have made it into many photos… which will make a line up difficult for the cops. So all good.

    Crowd was numbered at 12-15,000 for the weekend.

  6. Errol says:

    I’ll take bribes to get photos of Murray at Taupo. I’ll also take bribes not to (pity Murray is a student…)

  7. pmofnz says:

    Errol – it is me who needs bribing to not the photos I already have of M. from this weekend.

    See comments on my site…

  8. pmofnz says:


    … to not post the photos …

  9. Murray says:

    Errol I can ANY tent at Taupo.

    I too take bribes. Lets us call it a “negoatiation” now that all our cards are on the table and I’m sure we can find a mutually beneficial resoultion.

    And I know where you live sailor!

  10. Errol says:

    Hmm, I’ll check the layout tonight, but you still have to range it in, and I don’t think you want to hit the tents next to us – they’ve got the beer!:-)

  11. Murray says:

    I don’t need to range in, I have a range/weight chart, protractor and tangent tables.

    I like first round hits, doesn’t give people time to take cover 🙂

  12. Old Fat Sailor says:

    OOOH….tangent tables, I guess you dont need a gunner’s quadrant with Sir Issac. Otherwise spokent like a true cannon cocker.

  13. AFSister says:

    That’s awesome, Murray! Congratulations.

  14. Murray says:

    I aim, I measure, I calculate, I set weight and Sir Isaac hits.

    I read a big long thing that some guy wrote about how to build your own catapult. He finsihed by saying that catapulting isn’t a science its an art. Bollocks! Its a hard science and if you bother to know what you’re doing you hit what you’re aiming at.

    Last year at Taupo on guy got within 3 meters of a suit of armour and proudly told me he did it using “magic”. Meanwhile all the others were shushing him because I’d already HIT it three times using maths.

  15. km says:

    Congrats! Well done.

  16. Maths. magic- same thing to most folks!

  17. Murray says:

    And money comes from the government who just print it.

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