Come to New Zealand, bring your baggage!

Two Israeli women were refused service at an Invercargill cafe this week when the Muslim owner discovered where they were from.

Dear Mustafa Tekinkaya, I suspect you will find 1, Kiwis don’t really go in for this sort of openly racist crap (unless you’re Maori) and 2, Invergiggle ain’t really big enough for this sort of bullshit.

Don’t like it planes leave daily.

Keep your anti-Semitic bullshit in your own country, we have our own already with likes of minto and his small coellection of like minded delusion terrorist huggers, we’re not looking to import more.

Speaking as a westerner I am fankly sick to bloody death of seeing the fucking west bank being exported to our cites and streets. You couldn’t keep yourselves from killing women and kids in your own back yards now you think standing on a street in the western world screaming for Jews to back to ovens is going fly? Let me remind of two words “never again”.

We took down the last lot that tried what you want and they were a SHITLOAD more organised then you. Keep pushing.

Note to residents of Invercargill:

The Mevlana Cafe

37 Esk St, Invercargill

Owner Mustafa Tekinkaya.

03-214 1790

I urge you to both bycott the establishment and to let the owner know that his racism and descrimination are not how we do things in this country. Its ours, not his. If he wants to be a kiwi then he needs to change, not us. Be polite when you express yourselves please, no swastikas, no fire bombs, no threats. Speak up now when they come for someone else or there’ll be no one to speak when they come for you.

6 Responses to Come to New Zealand, bring your baggage!

  1. Schnell says:

    Hi Murray

    check this out link and you may be interested in the audio link

    Do I understand your blog correctly that you hit the armour in the end with your trebuchet after we left?

  2. exocet says:

    Will be boycotting this POS, and encouraging others to do the same.

    There are other Kebab shope in Invercargill anyway

  3. Murray says:

    Yeah we got it with the splash and won the bet.

  4. Colleen says:

    Listen to yourselves people! you have just let loose a barrage of invective and hate at a person exercising the rights our parent/grandparents fought to defend in WW2. It’s all very well calling someone anti jewish but do it without sounding so hateful yourselves. You come over as stereotypical – ” we hate you for being racist but it’s ok for us to be racist towards you” Check out the other side of the story. google human rights violations in Gaza and check out Al Who will Save Israel from Itself – and try to do it with an open mind if you can find yours at all!

  5. Murray says:

    Colleen you are absolutely incorect in your assumptions, there is NO right in New Zealand to discriminate against people because of their faith.

    The “right” that you claim was My grandfather, Cpl Robert E Hill and his brothers in law, the famous Gyton brothers, Percy, Cryil, Harry and Len fought for was not the right to discriminate but of freedom FROM discrimination. I know this because that’s what THEY said they were fighting for and they were until they died all able to speak for themselves. They specifically fought against Hitler and his discrimination against the Jews and others like it was a personal vendetta.

    What you want is to be able to persecute the Jews in the same way as Hitler. If you think there is a law which allows people to deny service based on their nationality, religion or belief system please name because I can assure you do have laws specifically against those things.

    If this man and his family want to come to my country and break those laws in the interests of his personal religious intolerence then I for one do not welcome him. I’m willing to bet he would not have refused service to any Arab Israeli in his shop.

    You would have the world force Israel to sit back and let terrorists fire missiles into. its people and do nothing, You had no interest when Jews were doing the dying so you have interst in principle, just who it is who does the dying.

    You are a supporter of Nazi discrimination policies and you are the one spouting hate.

    You have no place on my site.

  6. Colleen says:

    Sorry you feel that way, I will reply that having lived in Germany for many years and having visitted Belsen and Dachau I in no way condone Nazi actions or the Holocaust.

    My grandparents also fought in both World Wars as did many other relatives, and the ones who fought in Germany in the 1930’s and early 40’s were unaware of the atrocities in the camps until they started liberating them in 44 and 45. Most of the world only became aware of the Holocaust after the event.

    Having lived through the terror threat from the IRA (I served with the British Army in the 80’s and was targetted by bombers in Europe) I can appreciate how Israeli civilians may feel about Gaza firing rockets, but the scale of response is atrocious and cannot be justified.

    Objecting to Israeli actions on a political level is not the same as being anti semitic. The Israelis cannot keep playing the “poor us, we were gassed” card every time they committ an atrocity themselves.

    2 wrongs do not make a right.

    Peace to you and yours.

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