For two years I donated a portion of all my online sales (what few there were) to Sodiers Angels so they could buy voice recognition laptops for servicemen who were unable to use their hands, often because they didn’t have hands any more.

Last week diognosed as having carpel tunnel syndrom and and am now down to typing with a finger.  I’ve been adivised the solution is to get voice recognition software if I’m going to be taking four papers next semester. So arthritis, gout and now cts and I need to produce a couple of thousand words a week that make sense to stay in the game.

God clearly has a sense of humor.

God better not have an ass if he doesn’t it kicked come the day is all i’m saying.


One Response to Irony.

  1. barnsleybill says:

    Carpal tunnel syndrome.. Try drinking a cup of concrete!

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