4 Plt, B Coy, 7WnHB

More section 8’s than the rest of the army combined.

This loony is just one of them.


5 Responses to 4 Plt, B Coy, 7WnHB

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    And your relationship to that particular asylum is….

  2. Murray says:

    Platoon Sergent and head nutjob.

    Mr Shipiro was my lead scout when ihad asection. I also had to physically restrain him from winging off to Israel when Maddas Husein started tossing scuds into Tel Aviv in Gluf War V1.0

    I could tell you what some of the others are up but not even they are allowed to know.

  3. Shapiro says:

    Ahh… nothing like young aggression channeled into total obedience – like the time you and I were huddled down that gully and the dog team handler was above us.
    “Awwright – we know you’re there” [which is the standard statement when they don’t but the dog does].

    Hah! Good times.

  4. Shapiro says:

    In between those clicks is the following conversation:

    “C’mon. [Looking down sight at cop’s forehead] I can gettim!”
    “No. These are blanks – those teeth are not.”

  5. Murray says:

    Yeah we could have dropped the dog but no one told the dog the rules.

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