Obama free News Zone!

Ok a few people have noticed that there seems to be a lot of news just about Obama at the moment.

Obama sworn in – media unable to edit his verbal ineptitude for him. Film at 6

Obama goes to dinner – Flim at 6.01

Obama acepts call from God. Film at 6.02

Obama rasies the dead. Thanks Ohio voters, flim at 6.66 (that must be a typo… never mind)

Obama surenders, white flags handed out to all American school children after first day in office. Statue at 6.10

Well here at Hitting Metal With A Hammer we know that looking directly at even just images of the Chosen One can be hard on motal eyes and some times we just need a break from the rapture of being in his media supplied presence. So we’ve set up a filtering system and below the fold is ALL the news but everything with a reference to The One has been deleted so that you may read your news without the inconvienience of having to mumble “praise his name” every other sentance. Enjoy.


2 Responses to Obama free News Zone!

  1. Doug says:

    This is a very good business idea. I searched the web for an Obama-free newscast and could not find one.

  2. GPM says:

    Very funny. Just one word of friendly advice: Spell Check. it is your friend.

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