There’s a line between bias and outright lies. McRoberts is the wrong side of it.

1. The programme standards which I believe were breached are as follows:

The program featured an interview with Mike McRoberts in Israel regarding the calls by some reports for Israel to be charged with war crimes. Mr McRoberts presented a history of Israel Palestine conflict with was biased and factually inaccurate leading to a false understading of some elementary issues in the situation.

On the basis of his report I believe that TV3 has viloated the stanards 4,5 and 6. Balance, accuracy and fairness.

2. The reasons that I found this programme breached the programme standards listed above are (use specific examples from the programme and explain your complaint fully. You may choose to copy and paste from a Word document.):

Specifically Mr McRoberts reported that when Palestine was given to Israel the Palestinians were forced to move giving the impression that a self ruled Arab nation called Palestine was handed over to another people. In actuallity the area which was a British mandate within which resided both Jews and Arabs. Under the Unitied Nations the area ceased to be British controlled and was divided into two states being Arab and Jewish controlled. The Arabs refused to accept the United Nations solution and demanded the entire country and lauching military action against Jewish settlements aided by foriegn military forces from the Arab world. Arabs were not then and never have been forced out of Jewish controlled areas or Israel. Many resident of Israel are Arab Muslims. The military failures of the Arabs forces lead to the loss of land. This is a consequence of their agressive response to creation of the two states. Secondly Mr McRoberts also stated that since then the Jewish population as “flourished” while the Palestinian populations has “gone backwards”. This is quite simply a demonstably untrue. The Arab population in 1948 was around 1.3 million while the Jewish population was around 600,000. the Palestinian population is now estimated at nearly 11million while the population of Israel including non-Jewish Israelis is around 7.3million. Clealry both populations have increasde with that of the Palestinians being well ahead of the Israelis.

Make yours here or simply accept what they want you to hear as being the only voice.


3 Responses to There’s a line between bias and outright lies. McRoberts is the wrong side of it.

  1. prakash02 says:

    Why Israel is powerful? You can also check the link


  2. LaFemme says:

    Well done. I pray you have an impact. But truth and the ME reporting have been so mutually exclusive for so many year I’ve lost hope, frankly.

  3. Murray says:

    I am frequently angered by the bais shown by the media but on this occasion we were being feed outright lies and that is actionable.

    So I did.

    I as individuals we show that we are willing to accept anything the media chooses to feed us through passive inaction then they will continue to assume that the they can and indeed should do our thinking for us.

    I’m not ready to have my brain put in a jar yet and inaction leads to the success of evil. On many levels.

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