A couple of notes:

First for “AG”. As according to your rules I’m only allowed to call you a liar to your face and apprently post my home address to do this ( yeah sure thats going to happen) while you get to abuse me from the comfort and cover of initials I offer the following:

I will be here: Feel free to drop in where I will be more than happy to call you a liar to your face as per and in accordance with. Ask for the Artillery Range Marshall. I’ll be able to spare you about 12 seconds which is all it takes to say “you’re a liar, have a nice day”.

For readers, both of you, Dean and the other reader, I’m away from the computer for a couple days bombarding stuff and evidently providing an abuse service for the terminally liberal. Please flip though old posts until I get back.

For artillery followers you’ll want to check back to see how the weekend went and to check on two new projects which are due to go into an exhibition in April. A lithobolos and a springald.

Everyone else,  if you’re passing Taupo why not drop in see some culture in action. If you ask for me don’t be too shocked if I call you a liar and just wave from a distance. Mention that you’re not AG and I’m sure you’ll be fine.


3 Responses to A couple of notes:

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Who is the “AG” that has offended you, do they need a fish?

  2. Sounds lika an coward who gains courage by hiding under an untraceable pseudonym (that being “AG”, which could mean anything).

    I’ve had my share of experience with such people. It’s amazing how courageous some people are if they think they cannot be traced.

  3. Murray says:

    Yep just another blowhard leftie lip. Last seen wetting his panties that this posted somehow consituted a threat of violence.

    AG stands for “a girl”.

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