Dude! Where’s my trebuchet?

So anyway a lot of stuff happened of the weekend, some of it will be the subject of a review board I’m sure. However there was at least one amsuing moment in it. “Artillery Hill” is so named because its on a slight rise. We had enough flat space for both the large trebuchet and although Sir Isaac rolls we tested several times and the machine stayed on the flat.

However during the final display of the afternoon we were shooting away as normal when Sir Isaac decided to roll forward just enough to begin to roll down the hill. As the crew are trained to watch the ball so that they can get out of the way in the event of a sling failure they were hawkishly peering down range at where their shot had gone while Sir Isaac was begining his own road trip to go visit the impact zone.

The expression on the faces of the crew when they looked back and saw an empty space where their machine been was pricelss and the sight of them running after the machine and dragging it back kept the audience ammused.


Photo Errol Cavit Imaginos Films

Note for future events: Put the stop blocks down BEFORE the public arrive.


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