Ever wondered..

where a truck containing $15,000 worth of siege train beging driven by a stoner hippie had gotten to in a country so small he’s had enough time to drive the length of it twice since you laoded it for the three hour trip?

So just me then.


9 Responses to Ever wondered..

  1. No, can’t say I have.

  2. Murray says:

    Yeah its a thing being me.

  3. llew says:

    Just as well stoner hippies are so cheap.

  4. Old Fat Sailor says:

    What? Where?

  5. Murray says:

    The hippie has landed. He also got very bitter and twisted that none of us would walk out of our places of employment to help him unload a truck that was nearly 24 hours late arriving.

  6. cha says:

    Ya got philu to drive ya truck…. tell me it aint so Muzza.

  7. Murray says:

    Hey I didn’t “get” anyone to do anything. This was the ace “team” provided by the event organiser. He took 6.5 hours to get to Palmerston North from Taupo the first time.

    Not sure why anyone thought he’d be faster on the way back but thats what I was handed to work with.

    More than that I don’t want to go in to because we still have to have a discussion about a number of “issues”. Tempers have been frayed and friendships tested. A repitition of the same is not an option.

  8. cha says:

    Four hours max trip hauling a full load so no wonder you’re pissed off but WTF was he doing during the other 2.5 hours. Bet your arse he had friends or family on the way so here’s hoping he was on tonnage rate.

  9. Murray says:

    Napier was mentioned.

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