Then why did they prosecute?

Its the job of the police to contrive charges now?

Arms Act charges against Christchurch Symphony Orchestra horn player Bernard David Shapiro have been described as “a raft of technical strategems” by the judge hearing the case.

“There’s no real crime here,” said Judge John Cadenhead after hearing another day of evidence and legal submissions in the case, which now dates back 22 months since Shapiro’s arrest.

If Mr Shapiros lawyer has any nouse he’ll be going the cops I’m thinking. I’m also thinking it’s fairly safe to assume he’s not an Islamic terrorist hmm? A radical group of separatist brass instrument musicians perhaps?


One Response to Then why did they prosecute?

  1. Paranormal says:

    Yet another example of the police moving further away from the community they serve. Business as normal following their politicisation under Liarbour. Time for a clean out at the top and bringing them back to basic core principles – those set out by some bloke Peel. Worked well for 150 years until the socialists started mucking with them.

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