Another revisionist historian talks shit.

The Jacobites were defeated at Culloden, Pittock says, because they were outnumbered, did not have their heavy cannons and tried to cross boggy ground.

Yes very nice, just the one small issue with your finding… it’s BOLLOCKS! The British won because the Jacobite army was exhausted after an all night blundering around in the scrub and not finding the enemy against the advice of my ancestor Lord George Murray, they were ifghting on unfavorable ground which required them to charge over open ground while exposed to prolonged fire whereas they performed much better in close country where they could get to grips quickly, they were deomoralised and divided with the McDonalds (my step-mothers family) refusing to charge after having their place on the right of the line taken by Murray (aformentioned ancestor), they were organised in clans groupings and their units were poorly disciplined leading to them breaking quickly when their leaders were killed which was often because they fought in the front rank, both these factors leading to a disorganised and fragmentary attack and finally because the British infantry (including the 1st Royal Scots the oldest regiment in the British army reffered to as Pontious Pilots Bodyguard) had been retrained to not attempt the bayonet the man in front of them but rather to go for the man to their right and get behind his shield. That would be the shield that you claim they didn’t have by the way. This seems to conflict with the physical evidence of shuch shields being well documented and every home having one.

If numbers were the key then why did only one Britsih regiment (the Argyle Militia, my fathers family) advance that day? Mainly against the Murrays (my mothers family – and you thought your family had issues!)

If there is one thing I really hate its bloody academics who thing history is their personal slinky to direct and manipulate at their leisure!

Murray Pittiock change your name!


3 Responses to Another revisionist historian talks shit.

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Feel strongly about this do we now?

  2. Dave t says:

    Culloden? A nasty event in a long Scottish civil war – Campbells and Lowlanders on the government side and the good looking ones with hairy knees fighting for the romantic but poorly led Jacobites……I see that the locals still regularly walk their dogs on the “English”/ Lowlanders graves…they never forget a grudge these Highlanders!

  3. Murray says:

    What “English” graves Dave? We Campbells kicked some as I recall.

    Plenty of my mothers mob still there though.

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