Where do I send a cheque?

England’s biggest St George’s Day parade is facing the axe after councillors said many of those attending it were racist. (I don’t notice them doing DICK about the violent racist thugs I see walking the streets of England with signs demanding the beheading of those they don’t like – evidently everyone – and attacking police while they’re at it)

For the last decade up to 15,000 have assembled in the town of West Bromwich under the slogan ‘Forever England, For Everyone’.

Children and parents from all over the country parade through the Black Country town waving St George flags and marching to rousing anthems such as Jerusalem.

Organisers say one of the aims is to reclaim the Saint George Cross from Right-wingers and make it a source of pride for all.

But last night the local council, Labour-controlled Sandwell, voted to withdraw its support for the parade. Funds will go to support a Party in the Park instead.

It leaves parade organisers with what they say is the impossible task of raising £10,000 to cover their costs with only a few weeks to go.

I don’t think so Tim. These people are trying to amputate YOUR CULTRE! Find the money and make it happen. And wear one of these daily;


And heres some hardcore English “racism” for you.


2 Responses to Where do I send a cheque?

  1. How long before Parliament orders Shakespeare to be changed?

  2. Murray says:

    You didn’t know Steven? Will is already being taken out because hes not “relevent” to modern kids.

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