Current Project.

Hopefully a quick one. This is a 200mm ballista. So named because its 200mm long, or 12th scale. Its the first of 27 models for display at the museum later this year and will be used in the presentation I deliver to the powers that be there next week.


All wood parts are rimu and the metalwork is all precision cut brass. Depending on the production costs it may become a kitset model, an ancient version of the popular brass and wood Civil war connon that people have.  I’ve chosen 12th scale because although it makes a fairly small model at this end the lithobolos and trebuchet are both over a meter long and getting quite large.

As always feel free to help the projects along with a donation.


And you can now dowload my rubber band powered table top ballista for free.  The plan. The instructions.


2 Responses to Current Project.

  1. David says:


    So how about a kit? or at least a metal parts kit pack? I can cut and assemble wooden parts. My wood working tools don’t do metal….

    So, how about a kit for a table top version of your trebuchet – just something big enough to launch mini candy bars at my kids or marbles 20 ft across the driveway. Again a drawing and parts list for the wooden stuff and a bag with all the metal parts with assembly instructions would be great.

    If you ever get that carried away, I would have all my Christmas shopping done at one stop.

    Great site by the way, I loved your running posting of building your trebuchet. I showed it to my wife and pointed out all the room we have in the back yard. She said NO!!!!!!!!


  2. Murray says:

    All these things are in the pipeline. There will in fact be twenty three different models by August that will have to be designed and built so technically I could produce kits for all of them.

    They are however not cheap. The brass for this one is going to make the kit come out at around $60US.

    A table top trebuchet wont be quite as much having less parts put will be up there. Hopefully I’ll have the parts back from the engineer this afternoon so i’ll have a better idea.

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