Ok who wants to be a super hero?

Featherston Library is holding out for a hero after thieves broke in overnight Sunday and stole a laptop containing crucial data for next summer’s ECREAD-N reading programme.

Featherston is a really small town in the southern Wairarapa, many of the street names are from WWI generals, the names on the cenotaph are the names of families still living there. It was host to a POW camp during WWII and a number of the men served as guards there. They were from my regiment and I even met one a few years back who told me a hilarious story about the one Japanese who escaped but found the climate so miserable he tried to beak back in and was wounded but a shot to the buttocks for his efforts. In short Featherston is one of those tiny towns that has contributed much to building New Zealand and recieced little in return.

They don’t have money – hell who does these days – but the library does a really great job and is a hub of the small community. Penny and the staff run programs like this all the time and the lost of this laptop is going to have a serious impact on a lot of kids. As always in any group there are those who see themselves as being special and like to take from everyone else while contributing nothing.

Penny in her usual un-PC manner describes it well: “The bastards stole my laptop, which was brand spanking new and purchased with precious summer reading programme funds.” They are unlikely to be able to get funding for a replacement and even if they did it will take time. So if you can spare the price of a laptop and want to do something that will have a disprotionally positive impact for you dollar consider getting anew laptop for the Featherston library.



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