Public Service Message!

This site is 100% Pauline Hanson free! You may eat and drink free from the fear of seeing her naked and exposed form here.

And as a side note I would like to say that publishing photos of what people got up to in the privacy of their youthful stupidity for political purposes is a really pathetic thing to do and all those that do so have earned my contempt. Including David Phylis Farrar. For shame sir, have you considered there are things in you past best left off the internet as well?


3 Responses to Public Service Message!

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    And I missed it!

  2. Old Fat Sailor says:


  3. Murray says:

    Yeah, big ol pile of eeew right there.

    We live in a world where everyone condems Britany Spears for not wearing undies but no one raises a whisper about a photographer who goes round trying to shoot pictures up girls dresses.

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