Someone get me a list.

I want to know the 28 businesses in this “The United Chinese Association of New Zealand” that want to dictate policy to my goverment that has come straight from Bejing.

I will be boycotting all of them. You want to live in China then go live in China, this aint it.

And one further thing:

rod-donaldThe top right hand image shows a New Zealand police officer physically preventing a Chinese security staffer from manhandling an elected New Zealand MP on the steps of the New Zealand parliament. So I say its time for a lot less Chinese input into our political system, not more.


5 Responses to Someone get me a list.

  1. Maggie says:

    Astonishing. Where did that Chinese security staffer come from and where did he get the nerve?

  2. Murray says:

    From the visiting officals car, he and several of his comrades thought they had the right to get handy with kiwis in New Zealand.

    They were in the habit of telling Helen Clark they wouldn’t turn up to events unless she made sure there were no protestors visible. So she duely had them moved along whenever they showed up.

    This man however is the Rod Donald, leader of the Greens and you cannot stop an MP standing on the steps of our parliament.

    Rod dies suddenly in 2005 of a viral infection of his heart.

  3. someone says:

    Hi Murray,

    I have first source information about the association. (I’m ethnically Chinese myself, but I can’t post my real name because my parents are quite well known there and if I leave too many hints they can trace who I am)

    The President of the association, Steven Wong, came to New Zealand in 1972 and initially started in takeaway business. Eventually he got into industry specialising in distributing potato chips processing businesses.

    As far as I understand this is an umbrella group for the People’s Republic of China’s cheerleaders of the ethnic Chinese migrants in NZ. If you notice the news about Chinese whoever leaders visiting New Zealand and news of them meeting “local Chinese representatives”, they will be on the list, just like a lot of the pro-PRC overseas Chinese everywhere. The same people are also involved in another umbrella association called the New Zealand China Council for the Promotion of Peaceful National Reunification [of Taiwan with China, if you wondering what “reunification” means in context]. Despite its name, it supports every voice the PRC government publicly declares, including using force to take Taiwan under its control.

    The reputations of the association’s leaders aren’t savoury, to put it mildly. The Vice President, Li Nong, was on the Progressives’ (yes, Jim Anderton’s) party list in the 2002 election but I can safely say this guy is a thug in both morals/personal conducts and political views.

    The following is a list of the association member societies in simplified Chinese, taken from the [PRC government] Shanghai Municipality Government’s Overseas Chinese Affairs Office (translations follow):

    新西兰职业华人协会、新西兰福建同乡会、新西兰华商协会、奥克兰中区华人协会、都市之声FM104.6、新西兰中国学生学者联谊会、奥克兰现代中文学校、新西兰国际少林武术联盟、奥克兰西区华人协会、纽西兰中国舞舞蹈学校、PANMURE 华人协会、ONEHUANGA 华人协会、奥克兰华人教育协会、北岸华人协会、BLOCKHOUSE BAY 华人协会、奥克兰中国留学生联谊会、奥克兰北岸华人常青联谊会等17个团体会员组成,是目前新西兰规模最大的华人社团联合体。

    “The United Chinese Association is currently the largest Chinese community organization in New Zealand. Its 17 members consists of New Zealand Association of Chinese Professionals, The Fujian Fraternity Association of New Zealand, Association of New Zealand Chinese Businesses, Auckland Central Chinese Association, FM104.6 Metro Voice, New Zealand Association of Chinese Students and Academics, Auckland Modern Chinese School, New Zealand International Shaolin and Wuxia Alliance, West Auckland Chinese Association, New Zealand Chinese Dnancing School, Panmure Chinese Association, Onehunga Chinese Association, New Zealand Chinese Education Association, North Shore Chinese Association, Blockhouse Bay Chinese Association, Auckland Chinese Students Fraternity Association, and Auckland North Shore Chinese Evergreen [Seniors] Fraternity Association…”

    Lastly I must mention these people are all Labour/Progressive supporters because they arrived after Helen became the Prime Minister, and are all from mainland China. A lot of mainland Chinese migrants are hardworking and loyal to New Zealand and not involved in such associations, and only the noisy Chinese nationalist minority who have their true loyalty with Beijing rather than Wellington are involved in such activities.

  4. Old Fat Sailor says:

    I fear I see another East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere shaping up, St. Liebowitz pray for us!

  5. James says:

    Is there someway we could set the Chinese and the Muslims against each other?They knock ten bells out of each other and we in the West can get on with our own lives…

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