Boycott time.

This is an Australian motel owner living in Palmerston North.

He has decided to ban EVERYONE from an entire suburb because to put it simply he is a preudiced dickhead. On his one visit to Wainui he claims he was “surounded by graffiti” and they’ve only had one person from Wainui that they liked. Wait while i give a crap how much you like your customers, its not actually their job to be “likeable” knob.

By all means if a sports groups plays up chuck them out, hell I’ll HELP you throw their bags out of the windows. I drove a school bus out of Wainui for long enough to know what actually happened there. However you booked a sports group, what did you think was going to happen? Looks a lot like a PR stunt to get attention in these tough economic times to me. I’ll just kick the wainuiomata people because Gary McCormick got a laugh when he did it.

Yeah well no. Along with the undoubted little arseholes you banned you also scooped up an MP, several well respected sportsmen and oh wait, the entire family of Karl Kuchenbecker. What the hell did they ever do to you? along with about 19,900 other people you’ve never met.  My personal experience with Wainuiomata is based on marrying a girl from there and living there for seven years. Its normal share of ratbags aside I found the people to be a lot more friendly than my native North Shore and I’d wave to more people in one day than I would in seven years around Takapuna.

So Steve Donnelly of the Supreme Motor Lodge 665 Pioneer Highway, Palmerston North, New Zealand 0800 11 22 11(gotta love a toll free number), it looks a lot to me like you’re a small minded biggot who took the oportunity to get sopme free publicity and now you have it. I urge everyone to not stay at Steves “Donnellys Towers” and to use one of our other fine establishments. I personally recoment the Rose City Motel for professional service and comfortable accomadation.

Steve, a thoughts for you, feel free to go to the airport and investigate the concept that the planes go both ways.

4 Responses to Boycott time.

  1. Mark says:

    My personal fav in Palmy is the Fitherbert Castle.

    I spent in 2007 26 weeks there and they were great.

    A home away from home.

  2. Murray says:

    Yeah but god do i have the urge to set up my trbs on the other side of the road every time I go past.

    You call something a castle where I live and you’re just asking for it.

  3. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Breathe deeply and slowly walk away from the seige engine……

  4. Murray says:

    Told you man, he was begging for it…

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