You can’t please some people.

Had my father dripping on me the other night at his birthday dinner. Now that I’m at university it means hes the only one whos not going to have letters after his name.

I pointed out that he did actually drop out of school at fifteen. This was true he acknowldged. He didn’t even attempt to sit his school cert exams. This too was true he concceded. He was in one room signing up to be a naval rating while his mother was in the next one negotiating for him to be an officer. He conceeded the validity of this point also. You were the one telling a class of kids who wanted to know why you knew so much that it was because you were not hampered by the advantages of a tertiery education.

“And you’ve got bloody MBE after your name!!!”

“I supose.”

See what happens when you drop out of school and never seek to “improve yourself”. I wonder if I’ve actually inherited something that makes me not actually be in the leeast bit impressed with academic achievement but still keep pissing all over the so called competition anyway. I could get the entire alphabet after my name but I’ll still be less impressed with that “achievement” than having been an infantry platoon sergent.

13 Responses to You can’t please some people.

  1. Ruth says:

    Thre trouble with being ‘highly’ educated is that it usually snuffs out the ability to think laterally. For eg. in the finance world all the best dealers are former East End barrow boys – they are not afraid of risk and they don’t suffer from ‘paralysis by analysis’.

    I mean look at all these economists for heaven’s sake – they are usually 100% wrong!

  2. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Your Da was a sailor, a higher life form.

  3. He is an MBE? I confess that I had to look that up, but I’m very impressed.

  4. pmofnz says:

    Would have to agree to OFS.

    But without casting aspersions on your grandmother, ‘while his mother was in the next one negotiating for him to be an officer’ has connotations even as one of those higher life forms in a past life I would not want to explore further.

  5. Murray says:

    There was a time when a man was defined by his actions and dropping out of school at 15 to join the navy was not a reason to not achieve Steven.

    Two classes ahead of him was a boy seaman by the name of David Beatty. He bacme governor general and was the Queens rep who pinned the MBE on my father. When he did his farwell tour of camps and bases I was a member of his honor guard at Burnham.

    Also the BE part didn’t make people wet themselves and squeal for a republic.

  6. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Nope, made em hand somebody’s backstay to em on a platter-and contrary to my daughter’ opinion I did not serve a 24 pounder for JPJ.

  7. Murray says:

    Well someone had to handle the 18s topside.

  8. George says:

    Don’t limit yourself Sgt. Hill.

    Continue to piss over the competition and don’t stop with a dumb BA. Mike Bungay started out as a baggy arsed member of HM Jollies.

    That is all.

    Carry on.

  9. km says:

    Nothing takes the impressiveness out of a string of academic letter better than actually dealing with people having a string of academic letters.

  10. Murray says:

    Its the sandles and socks that really hold them back I feel.

  11. David says:

    The most practical, common-sense, get the job done right the first time kind of guys I have ever worked with were guys who dropped out of school, joined the military, worked for 20 years, retired then went out and found technicians jobs to keep from getting bored. I will take a team of guys like this over a bunch of alphabatized college boys any day.

    The most useless bunch of handwringing, vascillating, don’t know which way to turn the screw engineers and scientists I have ever worked with all have a mess of alphabet soup after their names.

    I’m “entitiled” to clutter up my name with a bunch of acronymns. I refuse to use them. The best compliment I ever received was from a member of the first group of men, I was standing in the hall talking to a high ranking member of the second group when the former gunney walked past, slapped me on the shoulder, shook his finger at the manager I was talking to and said “Go easy on this guy, he’s one of us, you know.”

  12. Chad C Mulligan says:

    I’m thinking of taking up the wearing of sandals and socks.

    Also working on a comb-over. It’ll be all retro and shit and you’ll all be doing the same down the disco.

    Anyone know of any good crimplene shirt makers?

  13. Murray says:


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