Comment of the week.

This from Dave Mann in the comments at Kiwiblog.

This bloody Hikoi thing makes me sick.

Why is it that the only race in this country that seem to have continual problems adjusting to life on any plane at all is the fucking Maori race? Why is it that they think that democracy has to be continually adjusted to cater for their bloody demands? Why does New Zealand put up with ongoing and unceasing race-based agitation from these pricks?

Do we see Polynesians marching up and down the country demanding additional influence over the democratic process? What about The Indians? The Chinese? Would we tolerate this as a country if it was continually happening?

Why do we put up with this shit?

(Of course, this opinion of mine that all people should be treated equally in a democracy will probably mean I am branded as a ‘racist’! ha-fucking-ha…)

Thats what I’m talkn bout.


2 Responses to Comment of the week.

  1. George says:

    What is it with Maori that they can’t make it on their own?

    Or is that not true?

    Just askin’


  2. Murray says:

    Well they were down to eating each other after killing off over half the native animal life and defoliating a third of the country so no, it doesn’t look like they can take care of themselves.

    They certainly have no interest in being subject to a democractic process.

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