Racism in Australia – the facts

We’ve seen a LOT of hysteria from the media about racism in Oz. And they make it clear, the problem is those white supremist bastards beathing up the Indian students.

The problem I had with all the reports is that when people are shouting at cameras and they have a beef with someone they are generally pretty up front with telling us WHO that beef is with. No such mention was made. But its ok the media have kindly filled in the blanks and we’re told this is an extension of those evil white supremists at Cronulla who inspired the innocent muslims to retaliate by smahsing everything thye could get their hands on at night.

Problem. I suspect this is not acutally true. The follwing was sent to me by an Australian because hes concerned out media are being less than forthcoming with us.

Fun fact about that – turns out the attacks are being carried our by Lebanese in Sydney, and Somali/Sudanese Muslims in Melbourne.

Which doesn’t exactly explain my we were treated to the sight of a local imam on brekfast TV castigating skippies for racism and demanding conciousness raising classes for evil whites and extra police protection for “victims such as Musklims”.

Make of it what you will. The mainstream media certainly have.

Maybe the sight of Indians and whites together clashing with Muslims will be your first clue that you’ve been sold bullshit. Not me though.


3 Responses to Racism in Australia – the facts

  1. hellojo says:

    So true. It’s always the white man’s fault. Blame the white man because they are always bad. Every-one is good.

  2. hellojo says:

    oops, that was supposed to be every-one ELSE is good.

  3. hellojo says:

    Anyway, I have a solution. There are three solutions actually from which we can choose. 1) All ‘whites’ can go back to Europe (a bit hard for people who have been here for generations to know where they actually originated from, but for arguments sake we will send them to England). At the same time every-one in England who is not of english origin (and in fact all foreigners in all countries who do not originate there) have to go back to their country of origin. This option may be a bit impractical since a lot of people now are mixed race. 2)Every-one is forced to inter-breed (the lightest with the darkest, less light with less dark, all nationalities mixing) until eventually we are one big homogenous tanned group of people. 3) Every-one just agrees to get along. Eitherway, if it’s not race then every-one will just find some other reason to hate each other.

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