Trevor Mallard – fuckpig liar.

DPF in the interests of interparty blogger co-operation is there any chance that you could refrain from linking to Red Alert and thereby at least keep the intellectual giants here where they are apparently welcome.

You do that and I promise not to post about you on the Cactus Whale sites.

You can read it all for yourselves here and here. Oooo look at that I linked to Trevors hand job blog and he doesn’t like having his bullshit brought to the attention of non-party sanctioned readers. Guess I’m just not that into “interparty blogger co-operation”. Suck it up punchy. You’re in our world now.

(Note to readers: you don’t get demerits for calling Mallard a fuckpig here. We support truth in advertising)


4 Responses to Trevor Mallard – fuckpig liar.

  1. Leonidas says:

    Can I call him a 24 carat cunt?., as much use a cunt full of cold cum?….. you can remove this if you want, I feel better for just typing it.

  2. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Feel strongly about this do we?

  3. Murray says:

    Actually OFS, yes.

    My imediate family did not get shot at in 6 wars/ploice actions/emercenies/criris/”incidents” so that this individual can circumvent the freedoms they secured for us. Me in particular.

    Leonidas, yes, yes you can. Some times the only way to let people know how you feel is to lash out.

  4. Leonidas says:

    OFS, Yes I do feel fucking strongly on this one. however I’m very close to using the same adjectives to describe John Key.

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