Speculation time.

On why Banarama rounded up church leaders undercover darkness and why it has not made the MSM?

They’re just questions.

4 Responses to Speculation time.

  1. Rakaia George says:

    Dunno about part 1) but on part 2) Maggie Barrie had a fair bit on that yesterday afternoon, or isn’t RadioLive mainstream?

  2. Argent says:

    Ok I will bite. Is Banarama a country you’ve twisted spelling with banana (republic) or is google right and an 80’s pop group is rounding up the clergy? Or is this Obamaramabanana.

    I think my head is spinning now.

  3. Murray says:

    Your hint is Banana Dictators category Argent. Look up Fiji coups and see who made himself the head bananna.

  4. Argent says:

    Oh him. It’s been on the news here but not at all prominent.

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