Journalist sugests “climate change” not guilty of sinking islands.

We can expect a vacancy at ABC shortly no doubt.

It’s easy and tempting, when confronted with things we may not like, to blame someone else.

It means that you don’t have to face it yourself – no responsibility means no action is required.

Someone else caused it, someone else can fix it.

And that can lead to a dangerous kind of intellectual dependency.

Climate change is a case in point.

There’s a debate over global warming and sea level rise, but as far as most Pacific nations are concerned, whatever is happening to their coastline is sea level rise caused by western developed nations, and so countries like Australia and New Zealand can either wave a magic wand and fix it, or give them citizenship and let them flee rising sea levels for the bright lights of Auckland or Sydney.

But what if it isn’t caused by global warming, but more mundane things, like erosion caused by dredging,  coral sand compacting, what if the salinity in the water table is caused by increased populations using up more fresh water than ever before?

What if some of these challenges in fact are solvable, or at least can be adapted to with some local action?

Apprently someone missed the memo about the “science is settled” and Al Gore is God. Dammit this cheeky fellow even uses facts in his argument, thats not how the game is played!


One Response to Journalist sugests “climate change” not guilty of sinking islands.

  1. George says:

    What if the whole thing is an utter crock from the get-go?
    What if the climate luvvies are just like flies buzzing round in a bottle?
    What if there are more pressing things in life than that crap?

    What if…oh never mind

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