Dear John

You have said that you will not repeal the most unpopular law in our nations history unless its shown that is not working as intended.

Ok, I dare you show us that it is working. Show me one child that has not been beaten and/or murdered because of this law. That was its intention, to protect children. Unless it had another intention that you haven’t told us about.

So show us John, show us this law does ANYTHING except criminalise parents for raising their children. I don;t give the slightest crap about you’re personally held convictions, its not your damn job to impose your personal convictions on us. You our bloody employee and we pay you to represent us, not dictate to us. If you feel that strongly at odds with nine out of ten of your employers, quit. Show us one single child that has been protected or quit, those are your options. Telling us what we think isn;t going to fly as we assumed you had learned from the last election. We didn’t vote for you, we fired Helen Clark for telling us what we think.

You’ve got two years left before we fire you.

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