Kiwis react to tsunami warning…

September 30, 2009


Hey Bernie, does Amys mother read blogs bud? Just asking.

Tsunami warning… what to do…

September 30, 2009

Civil Defence has issued a warning hmmm? Ok I’ve put on my gummies and I’m staying on the second floor of the library today…anything else? Oh yeah I’ve got a honking big mountain range between me and the splash zone, think that should cover it.

If you take a look at the map here you’ll see the problem. A swell can go racing down that big trench and just look like a ripple, when it gets to something shallow, like say the East Cape ridge you get the same effect as a wave hitting the beach, only really freaken big. The East Cape ridge goes from about 200 metres deep to 1,400 depth in about 6 seconds if you’re working the echo sounder on HMNZS Monowai just out of interest.

Lets see, I’ve got a bit over an hour and a half so I’ll get back to you with the disaster failed to happen again report shortly.

UPDATE: Apprently Tsunami Warning warning sirens are sounding on the coast and a general sense of panic is being recomended by authorities. We take you live now to out on the spot reporter Dino. If you see a picture thats all blue/green you can asume that a bad thing has happened. Dino will be staying with you while i wander off to gather supplies (a couple of meat pies and a bottle of coke should see me through I think).


UPDATE 2: If you live in the Coramandal and are reading this: STOP and move somewhere higher now. Yes mother I’m talking to you.

Communications to Samoa are hazardous but there are reports of substantial damage and some casualties. The warning has evidently been extended to Hawaii but I have not been able to conform this yet.

UPDATE 3: Here’s a break down of arrival times.

East Cape at 9.44am

Gisborne 10am

North Cape 10.12 am

Napier 10.40 am

Wellington 10.50 am

Auckland (east coast) 11.12 am

Auckland (west) 11.39 am

Lyttelton 11.55am

New Plymouth 12.17pm

Nelson 12.23 pm

Dunedin 12.31 pm

UPDATE 4: Warning has been extended to Southland and Fiordland. Someone might like to warn the pengiuns as well by the look of it.

UPDATE 5: Warning for Hawaii has been cancelled but people are being urged to stay away from the beaches due too strong currents and large waves. We’ve got a series of waves coming at us at about 500 mph but we’re looking at about a 1 metre swell now.

Oh well THATS helpful.tsunami_warning_2

And googlemaps has featured arrival times here. People are just so HELPFUL!

UPDATE 113: Reports from various costal areas of not much noticable happening but helicopters are still buzzing up and down the cost inciting alrm and despondancy amongst the population. At least five deaths reported in Samoa. Not actually expecting much of note to take place here, although its pleasing to see Darwinism alive and well as the self appointed bullet proof are now manning the beaches giving the cops someone to move along. Let em drown guys, you can’t fight evolution.

Apparently the tide is unusually low in Tauraunga… ok, now would be a good to not be standing there looking at the low tide people.

UPDATE THE LAST: Pacific wide tusnami warning cancelled, 40 cm swell at low tide here. 14 deaths reported in American Samoa.

Thats not a CV… THIS is a CV;

September 28, 2009

Name: Michael Yon
Profession: Writer
Experience: Years
Notes: I will be in and affecting your battle space for years to come. (By the way, you are losing the war.  Hiding from correspondents does not change that fact.)

Go read Michael Yon, taking neither bullshit nor prisoners from the pommie officer class.


September 24, 2009


Actually to be fair Jimmah isn’t an anti-Semite just when he’s critical of Israel, he’s a 24 hour a day anti-Semite.

Heres a little shopping for you.

September 23, 2009

Ross Miller is asking people to go to trademe and bid on auction 243512409 and hes donating the proceeds to the Ex-Vietnam Services Association (Neville Wallace Memorial) Children’s & Grandchildren’s Trust which he Chairs.  I have no idea what the auction item is because this crappy university server doesn;t want to ciorrupt my mind with shameless capitalism… yet sees fit to allow all the kiddies to curise social networking sites all day long.

Anyway the Trust helps the offspring of Kiwi Vietnam Veterans realize their dreams. Hey Ross I deam of waking up as a cream filling in a Katie Holmes Michelle Williams sandwich. Call me, we’ll talk.

Reminds me I should really take a swing at that ex-servicemens, children of servicemen scholarship. Question is do I submit two applications or one since I qualify for both requirements.

A little video…

September 21, 2009

This is a video of Joe and Anthonys first attempt at a twin torsion system using my tennis ball/golf ball ballista plan. (Yours for only $10 US and comes with full on line support – send me a picture and I’ll tell you whats wrong, you wont get that from bill Gates.)

You’ll note the commenable need to test fire before actually completing the stand. Do not be alarmed by the apprent lack of imprssive smashing power. Chucky was likewise not particularly awe inspiring on his first attempts and is now the most powerful torsion engine for size in the country.

We’re currently working through a list of tunning and setting options for this machine now… as well as operational issue like not putting our fingers inside the bite of the sting there Anthony.

We’ll scare that dog yet.

Note to web searchers.

September 18, 2009

There is no such thing as a  “medieval ballista”. Same way there is no “WWII trebuchet”.

“Ballista” is a Latin corruption of the Greek “ballistra” based on the greek word for “throw”. Basically its Greek for throwing machine and refers to ancient torions weapons. odly enough no one used ancient weapons in the middle ages, they used medieval weapons. the only torsion machine used during the middle ages was the springald that would have been laughed and jeered off the field in any ancient battle.

Sugest you pre-order a copy of Slings and Arrows – the Evolution of Pre-Gunpowder Artillery today.

It’s such a job correcting 600 years of missinformation.

Geographic Board tells kiwis to go screw their democracy.

September 17, 2009

It seems to be a trend in this country that we let ourselves get led around by the dicks so that the minority can dictate to the majority. Shits whats 77% anyway? They’re only white folks so fuck em.

The only reasonable, rational and acceptable punishment is death.

September 15, 2009

Being a privilaged, smart white boy is not a defence or mitigation of any kind.

There is only one thing Weatherston do is to show remorse and its not have his lawyer issue a statment.

UPDATE: Don’t even bother showing up here and nodding wisely saying that the 18 year non parole sentance he got was “reasonable”. Keep that left wing naval gazing softcock crap for kiwiblog. We actually give a shit about protecting society here.


September 15, 2009