My Amazon wishlist

Although Fat Chance List might be a better name, but if nothing else you can go and psychoanalyse me.

2 Responses to My Amazon wishlist

  1. TouchStone says:

    You must already have the 13 Chapters (Sun Tzu) and The Book of Five Rings (Musashi).
    If you want a good tale of an actual Viking, research the life of Harald Hardraada.
    He was a Varangian Guard, then fell at Standiford Bridge just the week before Harold the (misnamed) Unready died at Hastings.

    Good reading….and I think a good addition to your list.

  2. Murray says:

    Indeed I have had Sun Tzu since I was 12. I’ve also done quite a bit of work on Hardraada for an essay I did on the Norman invasion. I argued that Hadraada was the bigest dog on the block and having knocked him of the Anglo-Saxons had every reason to believe they would wipe the floor with William as well. Witch they damn near did.

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