What a load of mealy mouthed dancing from Farrar.

While it is true that the referendum question did not specifically say that the anti-smacking law should be repealled the message was absolutly clear. nearly 90% of said this is crap, end it now.

But John Key took a leaf from the Helen Clark book of telling people what to think and told us that in fact we had “expressed concerns” and he would move to resure us. Well gee John I feel so much better now… yeah just stop patting me on the fucking head ok Johhny, I’ll TELL you what I think.

Meanwhile David Philis Farrar has jumped on the Johnnys band wagon for the tell us what to think oh master ride.

While I wish to see the law amended, and believe most of the public do also, the referendum was not a vote on repealing the anti-smacking law.

I, for one, would not vote in favour of repeal and returning to the old law.

Screw you Farrar, you know dam well that this law is the single most hated legislation in this countries history. You personally not wanting to vote to repeal it doesn’t make this big pile of bullshit suddenly aquire the smell of a rose garden. You don’t tinker with something that does NOTHING except leave open the possiblity of prosecution for raising your own children. Just like the left there are elements on the right who can;t see the difference between a shit idea and a good if its come from their side of political divide.

Newsflash boys, no one from a political camp decided elections. Its the people in the middle who don;t give a crap untill they’re pissed off who call the shots. And John Key is pissing people off faster than Helen Clark managed.

Push poll or blog post, you decide.


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