The only reasonable, rational and acceptable punishment is death.

Being a privilaged, smart white boy is not a defence or mitigation of any kind.

There is only one thing Weatherston do is to show remorse and its not have his lawyer issue a statment.

UPDATE: Don’t even bother showing up here and nodding wisely saying that the 18 year non parole sentance he got was “reasonable”. Keep that left wing naval gazing softcock crap for kiwiblog. We actually give a shit about protecting society here.


2 Responses to The only reasonable, rational and acceptable punishment is death.

  1. Tiger says:

    Yes, but Key came out recently defending the people who tortured that Maori woman to death, he agreed with the softcock judge who ignored the finding of the jury, and basically let those murderers walk. How loony Left is that. Will Capital punishment ever come back to NZ? No chance, no matter what. Weatherston, can evil be any worse?

  2. gravedodger says:

    Imagine for a moment weatherstons execution. With his narcissistic persona intact he will make another pathetic defense of himself and then, it is over. Now imagine that piece of shit enduring 18 years of confinement, subjugation, boredom and absolutely no one but guards, who will have nothing but contempt for him, watching. The 18 years will almost certainly be extended as he will never show remorse or admit his guilt so it will go on and on and I know which will be the greater punishment. Although there are many who say they would pull the trigger or whatever none of them would have to exercise the judicial killing, it will be some poor unlucky employees of corrections who will get the job and spare a thought for them. The people who bang on about “let me do it”, none of them would get closer to the job than the outside fence.
    Go to for a good post on capital punishment

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