We pay people to have kids…

Laws sugests paying them NOT to have kids and the left explodes.

As Laws points out we have allowed numerous kiwi kids to be murdered by their own families since Sue “Crazy Cat Lady” Bradford had her anti-smacking law forced on us and some needs to be done.

Bradford has resonded by calling Laws sugestion “draconian” – not sure how that works, she subverts the democratic process to have the most unpopular legislation in our hisotry forced on us and Laws is “draconian” for offering people a choice. You’re a pretty fucted up bitch Bradford.

Oh yeah she also said that no one ever claimed that her law would stop children being killed. You’re also a fucking liar Bradford, that is the bullshit line you tried to use to sell your draconian family destroying crap to us. And who the fuck are you to tell other people how to raise their kids anyway. It certainly doesn;t look like being one your strengths now does it.

Note to Simon Wood. Your headline is suficiently inaccurate to warrant a formal complaint as Laws sugested no such thing. I’m a smidge busy right now but i may get round to it next week some time.


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