Update on those pesky Marines in New Zealand

Some of you may recall that a while back the Marines at the Embasy in Wellington very kindly presented Joan Ellis with a string of pearls in recognition of her self published book A String Of Pearls wich is a compilation of letters and stories from New Zealand woman and US marines who tell how it was to grow up in a world at war and what it was like for them in New Zealand during WWII. Joan is a resident of Paraparaumu where the Marines was based during the Second World War and they deployed to Pacific theatre from Wellington.

I posted it a while back and as you can Joan has commented on the post letting us know that she has both revised A String of Pearls and published her second book, Follow Me Back in Time which tells of Joans growing up during the depression years. From the blurp its looks like some very interesting stuff.

Both books are self published by Joan and frankly I think its a travesty that no publisher was willing to run with a A String of Pearls at the very least, but thats the political climate we live in.

You can take a look at them and purchase from Publishme.

A String of Pears

Follow me back in time.



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