Project for 2010

As 2010 is my third year at university and catapults have proved to be somethign of a diversion I’ll only be working on one thing outside my academic work next year. There will be no exhibitions, events, talks, WMD Weekend, powerpoint presentations, audio scripts, breakfast radio interviews or new plans made avaiable. Nothing, zip zlitch nada.

The one project I will be undertaking is of course possibly a bit larger than previous ones. If I was NASA we’d be at about the Saturn V point in development.

I started with Tiny: (A free plan is here)

Tiny comp

Followed by Katie: (Yeah like I’m going to give up this plan for free)

Katie comp

About Christmas 2010 Big Tim will operational. A 6.6 metre throwing arm swinging counterweight trebuchet. Thats 26′ 7″ for those of you stuck in Imperial measurement time.

Big Tim

Yeah its a little on the largish side. Actually with the arm vertical its about 10.5 metres in the air with the release point of the ball being at about 14 metres HAG (46 feet). Since the ammo is 16lb bowling balls I would recommend not standing in the impact area (Note to self: Add that to the risk management plan, avoid being hit by 16lb bowling ball doing 160k/h. Important safety tip.) The local mill is donating the timber and in fact he’s custom milling it for me. There will of course be other expenses for the fittings. So if you do feel inclined to help out you can donate to the 22AD Research Fund via paypal. If you would like a copy of the tennis ball ballista plan for you donation let me know.

In late 2009 news I’m now past 10,000 words of the 20,000 word book on catapults as detailed in the post two below from this one. Hopefully I’ll be done before Christmas… this year. If you are interested in getting a copy let me know in the comments.


5 Responses to Project for 2010

  1. sabre22 says:

    How much for the Katie Plan? I am stuck in Imperial Measurements? But i can Convert it if I have to

  2. Murray says:

    Sorry about that sabre, you were in moderation.

    I don’t actually have a total working plan for Katie drawn up. I actually used Tinys plan and several years of catapult knowledge to build from porportions.

    If you want to take a shot then slip me ten backs through paypal and I’ll give you the basic plan and email advice while disavowing any knowledge.

    I’ve got a plan for Sir Isaac the wheeled treb kicking around somewhere as well. A bit trickier than the standard treb though.

  3. HerrLoll says:

    I was just wondering if you had plans for Big Tim drawn up, and, if you might be willing to part with them for some reasonable fee? I have lots of bowling balls but not baseballs, so it seems to be the right size for me. lol

  4. Murray says:

    Thats the plan right up there. Everything else comes from proportions and experience along with some on the fly adjustments. I might have a finalised plan about this time next year.

    Sorry about that. But keep in mind its taken me 4 years to get this far.

  5. Ciaron says:

    Do you run autocad?. I made a 3d model of tiny, but the timber size I’ve chosen doesn’t work.

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