The fuckers are after me now.

SIS seeks varsity help in weapon watch

Yeah we’ll see who’s still standing when it it stops raining 20lb cement balls shall we. The SIS failed impress my father who was Deputy Director Def Com and EW so I’m a second generation SIS skeptic.

Couldn’t find your own asses with both hands and a team blood hounds yer noddies!

Note to the team: Go to Case Orange! Get the truck in and disperse to the locations in your sealed instructions.

And thanks to the numerous emails asking if I’d been arrested yet along with the warning posts. You’re all now “known associates” since the Massey IT weenies are monitoring my terminal and passing it on the SIS.

And for the khaki maffia: If you’re actually concerned with potential terrorists you might like to start under the Massey bridge were the words “Death to america” and Death to all jews” have been spray painted by some of our multiculteral componet (no i’m not shitting you). Give it some thought.


One Response to The fuckers are after me now.

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    Sad fact, the difference between agricultural research and WMD research ain’t much-they need, God forbid!, to look at the researchers. If you remember our little wargame exercise involved what we could get off the shelf at WallyWorld, probably a good thing you decided that was not to be published.

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