Merry Christmas

December 23, 2009

I’ll be back in a week.


Update: Well it worked so well last year that i’m recycling it. I’ll be off line for the next 12 days excpet for the ocasional check of the email so play nice.

Merry Christmas. If that offends you then its you’re problem not mine and chances are you’re lost.

Residents of Auckland, your attention please.

December 23, 2009

Have you seen these three women?

A lot of us would like to see them in jail for Christmas and for long time after. It’s they belong for kidnapping and robbing an 82 year old woman.

Detective Sergeant Graeme Timms said the 82-year-old victim from St Heliers had been shopping on West Tamaki Rd.

She was returning to her car when she was approached by the three women about 3.40pm on Friday.

She was forced into the back seat of her grey 1992 Toyota Corolla, where her attackers threatened her until she gave them the PIN numbers forher credit and bank cards.

For more than an hour the trio drove the victim around in her car, using her bank cards to withdraw more than $1000 from ATM machines in Glen Innes.

They also bought alcohol and other items from a liquor store and superette in Tripoli Rd, Panmure.

The three women later drove the victim into a carpark in Apirana Ave near the Glen Innes train station and abandoned the vehicle, leaving the victim inside in a distressed condition.

If you have any information please contact contact Mr Timms at the Glen Innes police station on (09) 524-1910 or (0274) 967-886. Or if you happen to be one of the three maggots who pulled this little festive season stunt just turn yourselves in right now and hope that the legal system gets to you before her family and the public at large do. This world owes you nothing. Other than a good tar and feathering that is.

You may now return to your Christmas shopping and other rampant consurmerism which will no doubt be their defense along with daddy was mean to me.

Project Agrippa Update:

December 17, 2009

Plans proceeding and engineering requirments designed. Current budget for project: $0.00 This is going to take some creative project management.

Mystery lights over Norway revealed.

December 15, 2009

It was a giant trebuchet.

Change of Project

December 8, 2009

Like our illustrious PM I’ve been invited to Denmark. Unlike him though there is a point to my going. To smash stuff!

I’ve been invited to participate in an experimental archaeology project evaluating the effect of Classical period large calibre ranged missile fire on defensive structures. Of to put it another way, someone is going to build walls and I’m going to break them. And my mother said I was on the wrong career path!

Consequently Big Tim is now on hold untill 2011 and Agrippa is on the drawing board.

Agrippa is a 4 mina ballista and as you can see is a little on the heafty side. This was the compromise between portability and hitting power. Thus making it big enough to be a pain in the ass to move and yet still too small to be a real threat to the average stone wall. Well there will be wooden palisades and mud brick as well so we’ll see what happens.

As you can imagine this is by no means a cheap under taking so if you want to contribute to my mid life deliquincey feel free. I’m also interested in hearing from anyone who is interested in sponsoring this machine. I can be fairly certain it will attract some attention. As always you can make a paypal donation and contact me using