Liberal is as liberal does

The author of this website refuses to admit he is a liberal.  He also refuses to admit he has an anti-war, anti-american agenda.  Feel free to browse the links he provides and ask yourself “why would someone that isn’t a liberal with an agenda post this stuff?”.  If your answer is “they wouldn’t” you are already a step or two ahead of the cock sucker that runs this site.

9 Responses to Liberal is as liberal does

  1. Your statement about the Liberal bias is easily disproven, as shown by this evidence:

    “About the politics of the FM website team”

    As for the acusation of an “anti-american agenda”, your masthead provides a good answer to such an false and offensive statement, esp made on such a slight basis.

  2. Murray says:

    Fabius a couple of things you need to know.

    1. Its not Maj Scarlets masthead, its mine.
    2. You’re in my house now and the rules are whatever I say they are.
    3. With a history of banning people on your own site and the .02 seconds it took to react to Maj Scarlets post its clear you have life issues.

    Bring them here and there’ll be a pop from the space I make you vacate.

    Have a nice day.

  3. majorscarlet says:

    right fabius.. suppose i piss on your leg and tell you it’s raining.. i’ll provide you a link that says it’s rain.. however.. i think anyone observant enough will see the golden shower running down your leg.

    As for the masthead, i make no apologies about being conservative nor do i try to hide it. you won’t see me writing articles called “the myth of grand strategy” (which is ignorance of the purest ray serene) and calling for “humility” in our foreign policy.

  4. A few things in reply to Murray’s comment.

    (1) A technical note: How does a reader know that the post was by Maj Scarlett? I don’t see any mention of an author, which implies the website owner is the author.

    (2) My guess is that banning 3 people out of 15 thousand comments is probably low among moderated websites. I’d be interested to see any data or comments on this.

    (3) “You’re in my house now and the rules are whatever I say they are”

    Quite right! I apply the same thinking on my website. But why do you mention this? Did I say something that violate your rules? (I thought it quite apt to refer to your masthead, which is IMO a great statement. Bold and refreshing.)

  5. “.02 seconds it took to react to Maj Scarlet’s post”

    The wonder of modern technology! In fact it was just coincidence and impulse. The trackback popped up on my website just as I was writing something. Otherwise I might not have noticed it for days, and then ignored it.

  6. Murray says:

    1. His fucking NAME is on it right there at the bottom before you open up the comments.
    2 Get fucked I’m not your research assitant.
    3. I don’t actually need your approval. And by the way your history preceeds you.

    You’re a self oppsessed troll whose been punted from one end of the blogosphere to the other.

    You’ve just walked into my house and stated talking down to me and messing on my carpet. Ask any member of my platoon what your life expectancy here is. You talk down to me or offer your sneering little interpretations of reality at me again and you’ll be sitting in the corner playing with youself.

    Mulitple consecutive post warning.

    Anyone who knows me will tell you’ve just seen more patience from me than is usual. Fuck me off just this >< much and you're gone.

    Jesus MS where do you find these dickheads to stink up my happy place?

  7. majorscarlet says:

    just for the record.. i’d like fabby to be able to respond. i’m not finished with him yet. besides.. he’s a very silly, harmless, person that pretends to be someone he is not. unlike fabby, i welcome dissenting comments.

  8. J.M. Heinrichs says:

    The best reason to avoid FabMax is that he is boring, academic, and trite. MacArthur, but with less expertise.


  9. majorscarlet says:

    he is boring and trite.. but academic? maybe he thinks so.. and that is certainly the image he wants to project.. however.. as you will see in my next post about him.. he’s more of a strawman dealer. his version of history is somewhat twisted which hardly makes what he talks about academic. just my opinion.

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