The need to turn the war on terror over to civilians (not government officials)

Proxy wars are nothing new. States have always used covert means to try and bring down an opponent. Ace has an interesting post about model airplanes that got me to thinking. IMO, our government is incapable of fighting to win. Government employees, the military included, are about careerism and not those antiquated notions like domination, success, victory, etc. Recently, our government made it legal for civilian companies to pursue space programs. The results have been dramatic. What if we allow civilian agencies to fight terrorist/terrorism? There should be enough experts in the field of counter-terrorism, electronic surveillance, etc that are fed up with the half-hearted efforts our government is making. We won’t win a war if we can’t kill our intractable foes. If I could start a security firm that specialized in exterminating terrorist financiers (this is probably the most important aspect for victory), I would not have to report to political appointees with an agenda. Hell, if we could find a conservative version of George Soros, we wouldn’t even have to get government funding. We’d just make it happen.

Think about the chilling affect that would have on governments that sponsor proxy wars. It is the equivalent of reciprocity. You fuck with me, I fuck with you.

Today as in the past, we allow China, Syria, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, et al to attack us with impunity. Since WWII, our government has failed to win wars because they don’t have the resolve to win them. The American people do and the responsibility for winning would greatly improve if the American people were in charge.

One Response to The need to turn the war on terror over to civilians (not government officials)

  1. Old Fat Sailor says:

    OFS’s take on Patton’s Rule; don’t make the other poor bastard die for his (country, faith,cause etc.), make his boss die.

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