COIN is not the answer

My on going war with the COINdinistas continues at Small Wars Journal.

a lot of wishful thinking and western myopia going on here.

the variables you list for explaining that yemen is a “tough nut” are actually opportunities.. at least for the strategic minded.

while the sheiks are important.. the sheiks can also be easily influenced by the locals “perceptions” of outsider help. going in and throwing around cash can easily make the sheiks look like western pawns and discredit them.

we didn’t need to turn ourselves in to warrior nations to defeat the nazis.. we conducted an industrial war.. finished the business and demobilized not just our military but our national will. we could, if we had courageous enough leadership, mobilize again as an industrial war nation (imagine 15% of the US on active duty), wipe out the threat in the middle east, and come home and demobilize. we have always been successful when we take these steps.. failed otherwise. the author seems to miss this point.

Stunningly, the author says “China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and the rest of the of the Arab oil producing states have as much of a stake in this struggle as we do.” Bud.. who do you think is funding these non-state actors? China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, etc are all working asymmetrically against us. This statement is so mind numbingly ignorant of the current global political struggle that I’m surprised it got published here.

This is what passes for national level strategic thinking. The venerable and intelligent Gian Giap even comments at this page. You would think they would vet their authors better.

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