Friday afternoon lashout.

February 26, 2010

A little something for the tankers. Because we bloody can and parking might be your problem but it aint ours.

February 26, 2010

These Argentines really are not the sharpest knives in the drawer are they.

Let me remind you…

The survivor of Pearl Harbor goes down.

Get stupid and the Royal Navy WILL feed you another tinfish. Back in your box Diego, Britain isn’t THAT distracted and we’ve already had this dicussion, it aint yours and the only thing you’ll get from taking another pass is a lot more dead young Argentines and a change of government.

This just in…

February 26, 2010

Theres some customer satisfaction for you!

Although it does cause me to ask the question does the CO of one New Zealands infantry battalions have nothing better to do with his time hmmm? I swear something must have  corrupted him when he was shiny new 2lt or something.

Because it amused me.

February 22, 2010

Friday afternoon lashout

February 19, 2010

In a follow up on last weeks effort we have a philosophical question…

Men in school girl outfits… more wrong than ugly lesbians?


Welcome to my life…

February 16, 2010

New univeristy students… god there’s a cry for enforcing some pre-entry standards other than “able to get the studylink loan”.

Hell I’ve seen essays that read like that. Onya Matt.

Well I guess I wont be flying Southwest any time soon.

February 16, 2010

Saw a photo in the paper just now of some fat bitch with a beard and glasses and thought “hey look, I’m in a paper again”. But it turned out to be my roll model Kevin Smith who had been punted from a Southwest Airlines flight for the crime of being fat.

Kevin has gotten a little angry and the Airline having discovered they actually pissed off a somebody rather than a nobody tried to say sorry and give him a $100 voucher. I think “cram it” sums up Kevin’s response… as does this picture. God its like looking in a mirror.

The only question remaining now is will Bruce Willis bring down a southwest plabe full of baddie corporate policy weenies at the end of his next film Cop Out. Which coincidently Kevin is directing.

Fat people of the world unite! (Meeting at Burger King every Thursday at 6, inaction figures on sale in the lobby.)

A genuine Can-o-Kick Ass.

February 15, 2010

Which is a good pun if you know any Latin.  For others this is Onager-in-a-Can.

A slot together table-top fully functional onager. We all know that cubicle wars are hilarious, but not all of us can afford those twin over chrome plated fox tailed ossiclating widget grublet flash missile launchers that are all the rage with the computing nerd warriors. So why not get anciebnt on their ass with this fully portable system! Yes you can take Onager-in-a-Can with you anywhere it its handy plastic box your tiny catapult will be safe from crushing and can be assembled in minutes.

That geek from accounting will never know what hit him! (A small plastic bead in fact)

Eassily mistaken for a lunch item the Onager-in-a-Can belnds in on your desk top…

When opened we see all the components and ammunition simply waiting to be assembled.

The parts are laid out and the rubber bands added to the torsion frame.

The throwing arm is inserted with the bands wound up.

The main frame s then slotted together…

and finally the crash bars are added.

Your Onager-in-a-Can is now ready to go.

Onager-in-a-Can is made from 3mm (1/8) blasa wood using less than half a sheet. You can build one using the plan that is available from the 22AD Artillery blog for a compelled $1 donation to the research fund. The plan is full size so you can glue it directly to the wood for cutting and comes with photo instructions. there is an additional experimentation and history sheet included with the PDF file so its ideal for teaching some history and physics to the kids.

Current range is about 10 foot and if you happen to have a model making bandsaw like me then you can make one out of some hard wood and get much more range if you so desire. Origionally I had planned to make something that glued together but it turned out that the model worlks well just being slotted together meaning you’ll be able to change rubber bands without breaking it apart.

Please note all catapulting posts are being migrated to the 22AD blog so please get used to looking there for you flinging needs.

Friday Afternoon Lashout

February 12, 2010

Just the one today and with a specific message this time. Guy Earle, a Canadian commedian is being taken to the Canadian human rights nazis by a couple lesbians one the grounds that he is “homophobic” and his response their abuse was based on his hatred of lesbians and gays.  The Canadian supreme court has already told the tribunal to get off the grass but evidently they are law unto themselves.

The very simple reality is that the concept of two young woem tounging eachother out does not result in homophobia in ANY functional male. Simple law of physics…

Yeah all you guys are repulsed aren’t you.

More on this subject at Shire Network News next week.

Tau the Muss gets bitchslapped.

February 12, 2010

Cook her some fucking eggs Tau!

Kates right though, MP’s shouldn’t be allowed to use facebook without their staff helping them. It can lead to us getting the right impression of them.

I do not respect you because you are an idiot. It has absolutely nothing to do with your race. If you were the same race as I am and stupid I would be even harder on you. So count yourself lucky.