And the stock splits…

I’m migrating the artillery to a new blog all of its very own in an effort to filter out the very rude people who inhabit the political blogosphere. Me in other words. People who come looking for catapults will be able to get what they want without having to risk dealing with the possibility that i do not adhere to their world view. I’ll be migrating the relevant posts over the next couple of weeks and if you are parcticularly attached to any of your witty comments you’ll need to repost them at the new place because i’ll be dumping everything that here after that. There’s no need to scare potential sponsors with independant thought.

Please update your links as needed.


3 Responses to And the stock splits…

  1. Can’t say bugger in the new place eh?

  2. blaez says:

    i love your political commentary…even if i rarely comment back

  3. Murray says:

    Bugger has been approved by the New Zealand broadcasting standards complaints authority as an acceptable common use coloqualism.

    I’ll allow it.

    And as for you missy, whats up with the headress?

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