Friday afternoon lashout… focus on students.

Its that time of year again when all the newbies are arriving…

Some of them have a “plan” (actually I know one girl who is forcing herself to reall these books in an effort to gain understanding as to why utter crap sells well. Because it plays to the premise that kids actually count and their drama is real and relevant. Duh)

Others are just here to fuck things up for other people… Scoobie… err nice doggie.

Some might get lost on the way… particularly with THAT crappy map of New Zealand. further away from Australia, THREE main island… look give me a pen I’ll fix it for you… hold still…

Some are not going to make it…

Some might make it but will blow it along the way and show up two day before the exam with 7 assignments overdue, loudly prclaim to all how fucked they got last night and then claim the exam is a load of bullshit and slink off to party hard before mummy and daddy find out why they’re back home next year after blowing about 10k.

Others… well there aint no pill to fix it, but they keep showing up…

actually its a SERIOUS disability in the academic world. It wont stop you but it will slow you down. True story, university is the only place I’ve ever been where there are instructions in the toilets and people STILL GET IT WRONG! And no its not a guy thing, one of the girls tells me its the same in theirs.

Having said all that most of the people here are actually very clever and hard working with good futures, they just never make the newspapers with that hard working crap. On the up side most of the problem children will be gone by mid semester break or at least sleeping in till 3pm so we wont have to deal with them.


2 Responses to Friday afternoon lashout… focus on students.

  1. Wait till you have to teach the little dears, my “Atypical” students (ie working, with some life experience) typically did much better and did not whine when mathematics became involved.

  2. Murray says:

    Been there done that. Some times it can be rewarding. The Cadets i trained were used as enemy party by my company once. They ambushed the company with 10 guys and japped them up a treat.

    Saddly I wasn’t there for that weekend to suffer the humiliation of being carved up by school kids so I had settle for bragging about it.

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