Act not answering questions today.

The following was sent to Rodney hide, Heather Roy, Sir Roger Douglas, John Boscawen and David Garret this morning:

t is my understanding that Kevin Campbell is standing for the Vice-Presidency of ACT and that he has taken to referring to our Prime Minister as “John the Jew” as evidenced by the his comments on John Ansells blog which is attempting to replace our ensign with a corporate logo. He went on to defend this with “Basil, relax, its a fact he’s a Jew. If it was Helen Clark I would have said Helen the dirty filthy communist.” the characterisation is both incorrect and so casually anti-Semitic as to be utterly appalling.

This raises two issues for me (just in time for Holocaust Day coincidental). Firstly if this was a genuine comment from someone seeking a high position within Act then I would expect Act seeking to put some substantial distance between the party and this individual.Secondly his support for removal of our heritage in the form of our national ensign is obvious. Is it Acts policy to support the taking away of our flag from the thousands of New Zealander’s for whom it has great significance?

Obviously having spurred me to actually make an effort to ask these questions directly makes the answers to them directly relevant to any future support for Act. Please note any answer should be considered public and my sense of humor is currently on holiday.

Thank you.
As yet I have recieved no reply from any of them. My position is that unless Act visibly parts company with Kevin Campbell in the very near future act will not be a voting option for me. I am of course only one vote so Act can well afford to piss me off so just not bothering to reply or fobbing me off with a half arsed “oops, he didn’t really mean to offend anyone” line is an option. Just not one that works for me.

Anti-Semitism and seperatist republicanism you can cram. That is all.

UPDATE: I recieved the following reply from Rodney on Saturday – hey look a politician working on a Saturday. I regard his response as entirely apropriate although it does led me to question if the media have picked up on an Act seeking election to the position of vice president of the party has been refered to the president for anti-semitic comments. Just a question.

Hi Murray

I am just catching up with my emails.

Words fail me.  The comments were totally repugnant and truly awful. I am appalled they were written by a person seeking office in the party.

I have referred the comments to the Party President for the Board to consider.



UPDATE II I just recieved the following:

Hi Murray

Your message to our Parliamentary team has reached me.  Just a quick reply on the Party matter that you raised – Mr Campbell has now resigned as a Member of ACT New Zealand and is no longer standing for election as our Vice President.



Dr M H Crozier

President  – ACT New Zealand

Thats how you deal with a problem child, not by protecting them.


9 Responses to Act not answering questions today.

  1. John Ansell says:

    I agree with you about the first point, Murray. Very much so.

    About the flag, just to say it’s nothing to do with ACT. I’ve no idea what any of the ACT leaders think about it.

    It’s also nothing to do with becoming a republic.

    Many Commonwealth countries have taken the Union Jack off their flag and still kept the Queen as head of state. Canada did so 45 years ago.

    New Zealand is one of 63 former colonies that flew an ensign flag, and one of only 11 that still do.

    So it’s quite normal for a country to adopt its own distinctive emblems and not change its constitutional arrangements.

  2. Lindsay says:

    “I am of course only one vote ”

    Which reminds me of the old adage about looking after the pennies….. You may only be one vote but ACT can ill afford to stop looking after the pennies.

  3. Gooner says:

    That’s all very well Murray but the MPs have no say on who stands for office in the Party. So I’d be surprised if any of them respond.

    Of course, you have a point – a humungous point. All I’m saying is that this is misdirected.

  4. Its not my dogfight but this Jew thing makes me want to dig up a kippa and check the priming-I’m paranoid like that, could put sheep on the flag tho…..

  5. John Ansell says:

    The Falkland Island flag beat us to the sheep.

  6. Murray says:

    John you recall that one of your posts was hijacked with an anti-semitic comment and you were less that happy about it. You’re doing the same thing here.

    This isn’t actually are forum for open discussion, its my personall happy place and I’m assuming i don;t need to set out for you once again my considerable lack of support for your attempts to take my flag away from me.

    OFS is family, you aint.

    I’m not subtly tryuing to redirect the conversation I’m telling you to keep your ball in your own yard.

  7. John Ansell says:

    Interesting parallel.

    Murray, I’m sorry to disturb your echo chamber and I promise not to do so again – unless you refer to my blog again (which was the only reason I came here).

  8. J.M. Heinrichs says:

    “Many Commonwealth countries have taken the Union Jack off their flag and still kept the Queen as head of state. Canada did so 45 years ago.”

    1. The Red Ensign was the flag of Canada by customary use, not law.
    2. Its replacement was derived from a Canadian flag in official use since 1873, that of the Royal Military College of Canada.
    3. The red and white of the flag was based on a royal proclamation c. 1925.
    4. The Maple Leaf device has been in approved use since c.1915, by the RCN.

    A review of the “Flag Debate” would show that Mr Ansell is rehashing shop-worn ideas, albeit out of probable lack of research.


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