Friday Afternoon Lashout

Just the one today and with a specific message this time. Guy Earle, a Canadian commedian is being taken to the Canadian human rights nazis by a couple lesbians one the grounds that he is “homophobic” and his response their abuse was based on his hatred of lesbians and gays.  The Canadian supreme court has already told the tribunal to get off the grass but evidently they are law unto themselves.

The very simple reality is that the concept of two young woem tounging eachother out does not result in homophobia in ANY functional male. Simple law of physics…

Yeah all you guys are repulsed aren’t you.

More on this subject at Shire Network News next week.


2 Responses to Friday Afternoon Lashout

  1. Actually, what bothers me about that picture is that those girls look like they’re about 14. But when you’re as old as I’ve gotten, they all look like kids.

  2. Murray says:

    But lets be honest Steven, your first reaction was EEEEEWWWWWWW homosexuals! Wasn’t it.

    Off to the tribunal for you you desperate homophobe!

    Meanwhile I’m surounded by 18-22 year olds who all look like they’re 12 to me so it could well be that perception thing.

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