Well I guess I wont be flying Southwest any time soon.

Saw a photo in the paper just now of some fat bitch with a beard and glasses and thought “hey look, I’m in a paper again”. But it turned out to be my roll model Kevin Smith who had been punted from a Southwest Airlines flight for the crime of being fat.

Kevin has gotten a little angry and the Airline having discovered they actually pissed off a somebody rather than a nobody tried to say sorry and give him a $100 voucher. I think “cram it” sums up Kevin’s response… as does this picture. God its like looking in a mirror.

The only question remaining now is will Bruce Willis bring down a southwest plabe full of baddie corporate policy weenies at the end of his next film Cop Out. Which coincidently Kevin is directing.

Fat people of the world unite! (Meeting at Burger King every Thursday at 6, inaction figures on sale in the lobby.)


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