What’s wrong with Power Line Blog?

One of the very good local talk radio shows invited me to be on this morning to debate a “birther” on whether those who argue that Barack Obama is not a citizen, and therefore is ineligible to be President, should give it up. I do think they should give it up, but I haven’t studied the issue closely and won’t debate anything I haven’t studied, so I declined the invitation.

Dude. You are a lawyer. Do you know how silly you sound? Anyone in America has the right to ask for a candidates fitness for office. Especially if our Constitution specifically requires certain requirements. You are a lawyer.. you should know this. Anyone that suggests Americans don’t have the right to question a candidates qualifications for the highest and most important office in the US is a moron. I don’t care if you went to Darmouth. You are a moron.

Next.. WTF do you have against the John Birch Society? This is an email I sent to the author.. of course.. no response.

I’m a long time reader of Power Line and I have to take exception to your article on JBS. Why bring up JBS opinions that are over 40 years old to make your point? People and organizations change. Just as your article pointed out about National Review. You couldn’t find anything more current?

As a conservative libertarian, I want as much rational conservative support as possible for our Tea Party movement and I’m not going to be influenced to withdraw support from JBS for opinions they had before I was born. Also, for some time I’ve had issues with Buckley and the neo-cons like the Bush family, McCain, etc. We’ve had a stead stream of Republicans that have no problems taking away our freedoms and spending middle class tax receipts starting with Nixon and the “War on Drugs” to Dubya and the Patriot Act. I want leaders with real conservative principles and not wishy washy, progressive, compassionate, neo-con, “conservatives”. I’m done with those types.

No organization is perfect and at some point they will make a mistake and over-reach causing them to have to make a course correction. What is important is that they don’t over correct and go in the wrong direction. Buckley lead the over-correction movement of conservatives. You said so in your article. If the NYT likes you, you might be doing something wrong. The NYT liked Buckley and McCain.

Want more?

Remember, this is a lawyer talking. Lawyer’s know words have meaning and tend to be careful when they talk to the media.

However, it is entirely inappropriate to suggest that these lawyers share the values of terrorists or to dub the seven DOJ lawyers “The al Qaeda Seven.” Unfortunately, this is what a video released by the organization Keep America Safe does.

I would rather give up my law license than represent Osama bin Laden’s driver, for example. And I take a very dim view of the decision by Deputy Solicitor General Neal Katyal to undertake that representation.

However, I would not deserve to have a law license if my personal views on this matter caused me to launch vicious, unfounded attacks on lawyers who exercise their right to represent despicable clients

I’m guessing that Paul took this “attack” by Liz Cheney personal. But why? It’s obvious that she was attacking the Justice Department’s secrecy and not a lawyer’s decision to represent despicable clients. I’m not a lawyer.. but that was obvious.


One Response to What’s wrong with Power Line Blog?

  1. KG says:

    Good post. I generally admire Power Line but that item was disgraceful.

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