Pestilence (upgraded from Little Pest)

The last member of my small family wasn’t waiting for me on the drive when I got home last night. As of this morning she had still not appeared and since the food at the back door hadn’t been touched its likely something happened to her early yesterday. The only other time she disappeared like this someone had given her a severe head injury and her right eye never stopped weeping after that. She’s actually very attached to me and follows me to the shops as well as being bolted to me about the house. So staying out all night is not a feature. In fact last night was the first time in nearly twenty years there wasn’t a cat on my bed to wake me up at 5am and demand food.

She has always been far too adventurous and friendly for her own good and was never destined to pass of old age. I’ll be doing a mail drop tonight but I don’t honestly expect to see her again. She wandered in staving one Christmas when her family went on holiday and the person who was suposed to feed her forgot. They came and got her five times before they worked out she didn’t live with them anymore and I’m not one to waste my time fighting the will of a cat who has decided to live with me.  Since then she has never missed a meal or gone without attention. For a small cat she leaves a large hole.


9 Responses to MIA

  1. AFSister says:

    Large holes are often left by those with tiny footprints. *sigh* I hope she comes home.

  2. BillT says:

    I’ve seen MIAs return after I thought them gone — and some that remained MIA. Keeping my fingers crossed that you find out for sure, regardless of the outcome…

  3. Barb says:

    Double dammit.
    I’m sorry – that is a bummer.

  4. Boquisucio says:

    I am sorry to hear this, Murray. I also have had my share of critters wander out, never to return. You always miss them and wonder, what ever happened.

  5. gravedodger says:

    Not knowing is a bugger, best wishes.

  6. majorscarlet says:

    i had a cat that disappeared for two weeks once.. came back beat the heal up and half his tongue was bitten off and still in his mouth. tuff bugger. don’t give up yet.

  7. Damn. Fingers are crossed. I have 5 cats…love ’em all (well, except for one who bites me when I try to pet her–she’s gonna get hers one day) and wouldn’t want to lose any. Major Scarlet is right…don’t give up hope yet.

  8. blaez says:

    I hope she comes home soon, Murray. Sending you our love.

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