Shire Network News 177 is up.

Podcast Mocks Canadian Human Rights Laws

3 Responses to Shire Network News 177 is up.

  1. Reese says:

    Thanks, Mr. Hill! Long time, no SNN. That was f-ing swell. But you forgot to say, “This is Auckland” at the start. (Or “This is Christchurch” or “This is Wellington” or “This is [scanning my encyclopedia map here]… Greater Rotorua Metropolitan Area.”).

  2. Murray says:

    I didn’t forget, I’m in a place called Cognito.

    And there’s bugger all “great” about Rotovegus and it has a metroplotian area the size of parking lot.

  3. Reese says:

    Okay. Thanks. Cognito est.

    I don’t get it, though. Why didn’t you say “This is Cognito”? Is that the point? “This is thought.” “This is understanding.” Sorry, I don’t know Latin. Is “Cognito” an actual place in EnZed? If so, it doesn’t rate a dot in my 1986 edition New Standard Encyclopedia (while Roto- does), nor a Web search.

    Google and Yahoo both best point to a coffe shop in Christchurch.

    Wish I could’ve visited when I was in the US Navy, but we couldn’t pull in with our nuclear powered ship and we wouldn’t confirm or deny the presence of nuclear weapons.

    Perth was awesome, though.

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