Andy Williams, not a normal kiwi male actually.

A defiant North Shore Mayor, Andrew Williams, has denied he has a drinking problem and says he will not resign after allegedly urinating in public and driving home after drinking at a local restaurant.

Not to mention all the other shit you’ve gotten up to. This is just the final straw.

Speaking exclusively to the Herald yesterday, Mr Williams said he did drink alcohol, but he did not drink excessively. “I’m like any other normal Kiwi male. I’m very mindful of being reasonable.”

Actually no, you’re not. Most normal kiwi males don’t;

– bully their staff.

– spend six hours drinking… wine.

– send emails to their staff telling them to be rude to visting MP’s.

– send emails after 11 at night anyway, sports round up is on.

– text message to the prime minister with abusive emails at 3am. In fact if any “ordinary” kiwi male did that he’d be explaining himself to the cops.

– have their wife defend them to the media because they were too much of a pussy to front.

– spend tax papyers money of a wine collection as a poltical statement. Seriously, what the hell were you thinking?

– drive drunk. Yes in spite of the general belief in fact MOST ordinary kiwi males think getting pissed and driving is an asshole stunt.

And the number one reason that Andy Williams is NOT like ordinary kiwi blokes is that ordinary kiwi males DON’T drop their pants to piddle. Girlies drop their pants to pee, not men.


4 Responses to Andy Williams, not a normal kiwi male actually.

  1. Inventory2 says:

    Well said Murray, especially the last bit.

    As for his sense of entitlement; perhaps he’s been spending time with Chris Carter.

  2. Excellent Murray. Just one short of a Letterman top ten.

    BTW Great to see Shire Network News is back.

  3. Captain Neurotic says:

    Finally taken a look at your blog – I like what i see!

  4. Murray says:

    I feel mildly violated.

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