I thought he was for limited government

Turns out Ron Paul likes earmarks. Even in the face of a Republican imposed moratorium on them.


6 Responses to I thought he was for limited government

  1. Nothing new, he has been known for this for as long as he has been in Congress, and I never was a fan anyway. His son sounds more promising BTW, but it’s too early to tell.

  2. majorscarlet says:

    i grew up in a small town with a family that was connected to national politics. i saw first hand how corrupt the system is. they don’t let outsiders.. ie.. non-conformist that buck the good thing they have going.. in to the system. if you make it to our congress, you’ve made it through this system. they aren’t like us and they don’t like us. they are a cynical ruling class that distributes our efforts among themselves. this is nothing new but we have a chance now to push them aside by taking back local politics.

  3. Where did you grow up? My impression is that, although this is generally true, the degree of corruption varies greatly among different states. I am convinced that a handful of good and decent people occasionally do make it to DC. How much power they actually wield there is an entirely different question, the answer to which is quite depressing. Of course, none of this should be understood as negating your last point.

  4. majorscarlet says:

    sure.. a handful.. that’s not uncommon.. but to be effective.. you have to join the team. i grew up in mississippi and i’ll give you a hint about the family. it was one of the first judges that bush nominated for a federal position. the democrats went nuts.

    i just finished reading a book that had a chapter covering our civil war. our southern cotton farmers grew and consolidated until they pushed out competition and bribed our government to make laws making slaves more expensive. that works when cotton is “King” but what happens when price pressures happen? those same folks want to secede. our problems are always going to be about big “whatever” vs the people.

  5. Yep. There is no possible fool-proof system, and periodic revolutions/civil wars/[insert your least-favorite kind of major social upheaval] are virtually inevitable. The only questions are not ‘if’, but ‘when’ and ‘how bad’.

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